Gemma Ovenden is the director and founder of Let’s Read 4 Kids. Our program is accredited by the Australian Dyslexia Association. It incorporates a multisensory, phonics based approach, which helps children who have difficulty with reading and spelling. It aims to unlock children's learning potential.

Our Principal

Gemma Ovenden brings passion & commitment to helping kids with reading & spelling difficulties.

Our Service

Enhancing your child's ability to read text, process & understand its meaning in context.

O-GMSL Method

O-GMSL approach is the systematic, direct and sequential instruction of skills required for reading.

Our Promise

To ensure that your child's decoding (reading) and encoding (spelling) ability will significantly improve.

Let's Read 4 Kids combines a simple and effective approach to reading that focuses on all 4 key aspects and guarantees reliable results through an evidence-based program.